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Welcome to the Vocaloid Profiles Page (Version 3)

Get to know all of the current Official Vocaloids that are out right now! 

Miku Hatsune

 Name: Miku Hatsune

Name meaning: "Sound of the Future"

Age: 16

Favorite food: Leek
       Height: 158 cm

     Weight: 42 kg  

Miku Hatsune is the most popular in the series two vocaloids..or any vocaloid for that matter! Miku's "career" skyrocketed her way up in Nico Nico Douga when she was featured in a video called the "Levan Pollka Leek spin" (which is why she likes leeks so much). She sings her best when she sings Pop. 

There are many fan made Miku types out there, the most famous being, Teto, Haku, and Akita Neru.  



Example PV- Nebula


Rin Kagamine

 Name: Rin Kagamine

Age: 14

Favorite Food: Orange

Height: 152 cm

Weight: 43 kg


Rin kagamine and her twin brother, Len Kagamine are both the second installement to the Vocaloid2 series. Rin's personality can be agressive and hyper most of the time, which is probably why another item of hers is a road roller that her and Len use...Rin mostly driving, of course. Even with her agressive behavior she still seems to charm everybody with her cuteness <3



Example PV- Meltdown


Len Kagamine

 Name: Len Kagamine

Age: 14
Favorite Food: Bananna
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 47 kg 



Len Kagamine is the twin brother of Rin kagamine, both the second installment in the Vocaloid2 character series. While Rin is msotly agressive and driving the road roller that they both share, Len is a little more timid but you can still see him driving that thing like a maniac..Rin just gets the chance to drive more often. Len seems to always be good at any song, in my opinion. Weather it's as a "Shota" (little child), Cool grown up, or rock and roll-type, he seems to pull it off. Rin and Len have the same voice actress. 



 Example PV- Bringing the Rain


Luka Megurine

 Name: Luka Meguirine

Age: 20

Favorite Food: Tuna or fish

  Height: 162 cm                               Weight: 45 kg


Luka is the newest of the vocaloids. Unlike most, she can sing both english and Japaneese. Her name Meguirine means "The sound that travels" [all around the world]. Jazz, latino and electronica seem to be the preferred genres for her husky voice. I must say, besides len, she is my favorite Vocaloid.  She is also the first Vocaloid to not be a vegetarian, lol.  



Example PV- Just be Friends



Kaito Shion

 Name: Kaito

Age: 20

Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Height: 178 cm

    Weight: (Unknown)

 Kaito is one of the eariliest Vocaloids ever created. Haha, he was my first VocaCrush. Kaito seems to sing sad, slow or love related songs the best. Whenever there is at least some comedy-type PV or video, you can always see Kaito with his ice cream or ice su~.  Miku and Kaito always take their food items seriously, lol.



Example PV- Old Radio



 Name: Meiko

Age: (Unknown)

Favorite Food: Sake (Beer)

Height: (Unknown)

     Weight: (Unknown)


Meiko is the first of the Vocaloids. Since she is the oldest, her voice is undeveloped and thus she is not as popular as the other Vocaloids. Meiko has taken two forms, her normal, older version...and her 16 year old Miku-ish version.  Although she is not the most popular, she is certainly underappriciated and deserves a larger fanbase.



Example PV- Tomoshibi -Atarashiki Sorano Hazamani

Gakupoid Kumoi

 Name: Gakupo Kamoi

Age: (Unknown)

Favorite Food: Eggplant

Height: (Unknown)

     Weight: (Unknown) 

Musician and actor Gackt lent his voice for the creation of a new vocaloid, Gackupo. I'm not much of fan of his, but I do know some of his songs. I must say, even with his goofy-type image, Gackupo makes a fine vocaloid. The program comes with three Gackt songs and one demo song. Users of Gakupo seem to like to make him sound "sexy" since his voice seems to fit in that catagory.
Example PV- Nishiki no Mai


Name: Megpoid

Age: (Unknown)

Favorite Food: Carrots

Height: Unknown

      Weight: Unknown  


Megpoid, like Gakupoid, is not part of the Character 2 series for crypton. Not much is known about her since she just came out in jUNE 25, 2009. Even so, she has already become quite popular. I'm not much of a fan of her but, I have concluded by listining to her that she reminds me of Miku. So it only makes sense to say that she is fairly best at playing the same types of songs.


Example PV- Mozaik Role



Name: Lily

Age:  (Unknown)

Favorite Food: (Undefined) Lemon, Honey Wand, Railroad Sign

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown



Lily (リリィ Ririi) is an official character of a singing synthesizer application software powered by Yamaha's Vocaloid2. Her basic databanks were jointly-developed by Yamaha and Avex Management Co., Ltd. Lily was published on August 25, 2010 and her design is by KEI. The data for the voice was created by sampling the voice of Yuri Masuda (益田 祐里, Masuda Yuri), a Japanese vocalist of the Japanese musical group m.o.v.e. Lily has a husky voice and she can sing in a low or mid voice better than in a high voice. Also she can pronounce clearly, however, she is not good at pronouncing a consonant sound alone.


Example Song:  SUPER SONIC DANCE (Official Demo)