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A letter to the subscribers.

Posted by AlliB on April 23, 2010 at 8:52 PM

To all my subscribers:

I know you probably won't be reading this whole letter so I'll just flat out say it: I'm not going to animate the anime.  Ok now before you comment yourself into a comma, I reccomend you hear me out first. There's a few reasons why I can't animate the anime.

One: I can't draw. I have been practicing like, every day and my skills have increased by maybe like, 10%. I'd rather get someone who can draw very well to help me on this and I would basically do everything else. I mean, I made the official site, made the full audio, approved the voices... sh*t, I've done a lot. All that's left is the animating >.>

Two: Technical Difficulties. Anime studio just seems to not be the kind of program to creat GOOD anime, like Bakemonogatari with it's unique color style. You've seen from the previews that shading is hard to do on a program like that! 

Three: I have no free time. Between school and social [email protected] I have to keep up with, I rarely get to go on the computer. So with the many hours of time it takes to make one scene, it would be quite the time eater.

Now, I'm in the buisiness for an artist. Of course I'm not giving up on the anime! And it took me three weeks to make my decission about this so don't think I'm givin up just like that, ok? If you want to be the artist, send me a peice of your best work (colored please–I want to see how your final products are). The reason I'm asking for help is because you, the subscribers always PM'd me asking if I needed any help. Well I do now. And I know it's pretty late to ask but, I basically have no options D:

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Reply MegaAgem24
8:24 PM on April 24, 2010 
i understand, lunarous bdd. I hope you succed in school, I have faith in you^.^